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Karrawatta Wine & Dine with George’s on Waymouth

In this issue of Wine & Dine we are thrilled to feature Georges on Waymouth’s signature lamb press recipe. Three cuts of slow braised lamb wrapped in pancetta for your culinary enjoyment! This dish is best paired up with our delicious McLaren Vale ‘Ace of Trumps’ Shiraz. 

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Serve with hummus, feta, chermoula, cauliflower, beans
(serves 6 to 8)


1kg lamb shoulder front quarter (bone in)
1kg lamb neck
1kg lamb shank
1 litre chicken stock
2 each cinnamon stick
1 each star anise
1tsp cloves
1 each brown onion
1 each carrot
½ bunch thyme
2 each bay leaf
½ jar mustard fruits (chopped)
50ml vinegar
100g brown sugar
Sliced pancetta

Sear off lamb shoulder, neck and shank until nice golden brown on a pan.

Transfer into a big stock pot. Deglaze the pan with chicken stock, pour over the lamb.

Top up with water, just enough to cover the lamb. Add in spices, carrot, onion and herbs into the pot. 

Bring it to boil, and once it boiled, cook it for 4 hours (until meat fall off the bone). 

Pick meat of the bones when its warm. 

Mix mustard fruits, vinegar and brown sugar in the lamb mix. Adjust seasoning with salt. 

Place lamb mixture on a deep tray and press it with weight overnight in fridge. 

Once set overnight, portion it rectangular size 4cm x 4cm x 9cm. 

Wrap the lamb portion with pancetta like a parcel. 

Heat up in 200C oven until golden brown and caramelize before serving.

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