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Karrawatta Wines

Two neighbours met down at a local South Australian pub, a coin was flipped and it landed on tails. Just like that, Joseph Gilbert had lost the bet meaning he had to change his property’s name from Karrawatta to Pewsey Vale. In 1847, Joseph made his first wine from grapes off the now Pewsey Vale property. Wine making and grape production has remained in the Gilbert family ever since. Joseph’s great great great grandson, Mark Gilbert, reignited Karrawatta in 2012 with his first vintage of single vineyard, small batch wines. 

Karrawatta wine evolved from Mark’s passion in the vineyard and desire to see that in a wine glass. Beautifully elegant wine from sound viticulture practices. Thought is given at every stage of the winemaking process, with minimal intervention in the winery. 

Each Karrawatta wine across our three regions reflects its sense of place with intensity, complexity and balanced harmony.